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Member Spotlight

Jean-Marcus Strole

jean-marcus strole photography

Name:  Jean-Marcus Strole  
Company:  Jean-Marcus Strole Photography 
Title:  I’m the guy 
Web Address: 

What does your company do?
How many years have you been in the event industry? 
What is an average day in your life like?
During covid notta damn much haha.  Without covid typically juggling scheduling shoots, editing shoots, and prepping gear for shoots. 
Why should someone use or refer the services you offer?
Because I know my trade and I’m fair with my pricing. 
How did you become involved in the industry?  
I was always interested in photography but wanted to be an architect.  Until I realized how really poor architects get paid for insanely long hours.   So I switched to something more fun.  If I’m gonna be poor I may as well have fun 
Why are you a member of NACE? 
I believe in the power of networking and constantly being out amongst peers and colleagues to help each other grow.  
What have you learned, what would you like to learn through NACE? 
That we really all do look out for each other as a family 
Do you have any professional and personal role models?
Mr Rogers cause he was like the nicest human ever.  And Richard Branson becuase he is just a big kid with money who does fun things.  
Do you have any career or industry tips that you would like to share?  
Just be honest and fair with everyone.
Do you have any stories, or anything additional you would like to share? 
None that I can share without having half of you look at me in a shameful way.  The other half of you can ask me later sometime