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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

Susan Sandy

Pedersen's Event Rentals

What does your company do?
Pedersens takes pride in providing innovative rental products, specialty linens, tabletop items, chairs, tables, lounge furniture and more!   We have what you need for all of your special events and occasions.

Why should someone use or refer the services you offer?
Pedersens is committed to offering clients exceptional service and the highest quality rental product.  It is so great to be part of a family owned company with over 65 years experience!

How many years have you been in the event industry?
20+ years, seems like yesterday sometimes...
What is an average day in your life like?
Multi-tasking!  The phone starts ringing at 9am and the fun begins!  Having multiple orders open on the desk top, while sending emails and answering calls simultaneously is how we roll.  Always a pleasure to assist new folks walking in and our favorite planners and caterers who bring their clients in for a mock up.  Puppies and babies are often the highlight of the day.
How did you become involved in the industry? 
I think after all of my crazy restaurant & bar experiences, I started meeting and working with incredibly talented and creative people. It has been a gradual process, from banquet catering to meeting planning to conference services – I learned more from each event and client.  I love being able to use my experiences to assist our clients at Pedersens – whether it’s working with our seasoned planners on large events or with the homeowners wanting to spruce up their family holidays.
Why are you a member of NACE?
I joined NACE through the Anchorage, AK Chapter and was fortunate to work with some of the best in the business.  We were small but mighty!  Any major event in the state had a NACE member involved in some aspect.  After moving to Seattle I transferred my membership, knowing that Seattle NACE would be the best way to make industry connections and learn all about the new meeting and events scene. 

Do you have a career or industry tips that you would like to share? 
There is a quote I came across a few years back that has really stuck with me, “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want”.  I’ve always tried to learn something, add to my “bag of tricks” or make a difference in every job that I’ve had.  Experiences, both the good and the challenging, make you stronger and more determined to succeed!
Do you have any stories, or anything additional you would like to share about your time with NACE?
I attended the NACE Experience in Austin, TX a few years back and was so excited.  Being surrounded by so many creative and fun event professionals was a great career highlight – I wanted to absorb it all.  Getting to explore the town was fabulous as well!  Aside from the great music scene, seeing the Stevie Ray Vaughn memorial and watching the Congress Bridge bats fly off at night was incredible!